Covid-19 Update

26th March 2020

Dear Bromley Borough Foodbank supporters,

Your Foodbank continues to strive to provide emergency food for those in financial crisis. Those who do not have the means to purchase food, no matter what the stores may have in stock. Your support has been incredible over these past few weeks andwe’ve worked together to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, we currently find ourselves in a desperate situation. With the depletion of the supermarkets, we are runningextremely low on the critical supplies that keep our families going. You have continued to donate food, whatever you could find and provide financial assistance through our websites donate page. Thank you! 

But with lockdown now in place, we know your food donations will not be able to remain consistent. I urge you to please continue to do whatever you can by using your local supermarket collection points. We at Foodbank are also attempting to find alternative ways of gaining supplies so thatwe can continue to protect our most vulnerable. 

Will you help us?

Please inform us of any supermarket managers or supply chains that want to assist us with direct purchases, or closed restaurantsand stores have stock that they would donate to support those in need.

Nobody should go hungry within our Borough and with your help they won’t have to!

As a further measure, those not in financial crisis who need accessto food should now contact Bromley Borough via the website link below to gain appropriate support.

The Foodbank team thanks you in advance for your support and wishes you all the best of health. Let’s work through COVID-19 together!

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