12 Days Near Christmas

12th November 2020

For 12 days we will be posting a ‘most wanted’ item each day to be donated in time to add to our Christmas hampers.
These will be distributed to over 800 Bromley families in need during December so the deadline for getting these Christmas items to us is 1st December. Some of the items we request may have short best before dates so for these items we would kindly request that you try to make sure the best before is the 27th December or later, thank you.
Thank you all once again for your ongoing support, with your help we can give a little festive cheer to those who most need it this Christmas.
🎵“Over 12 days near Christmas the Foodbank asked of me…..
– A jar of cranberry sauce
– A selection box of luxury biscuits
– A tin of evaporated Milk
– A jar of pickled onions
– Savoury biscuits or Pringles
– A Christmas or chocolate pudding
– A jar of luxury jam or preserve
– Gravy and stuffing
– A jar of chocolate spread (nut free)
– A bottle of tomato ketchup
– Christmas Cake or Yule Log
(dated after 27th Dec)
– Mince Pies
(dated after 27th Dec)
…and a partridge in a pear tree*”🎶
*No partridge or pear tree actually required
Thank you

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