Bromley Council’s Household Support Fund

11th November 2021

The council has introduced a new scheme which opened Monday called the “household support fund”, which entitles households in Bromley Borough classed as vulnerable to a grant.

The grant can be used for food, utilities, household items, toiletries, and warm clothing.

The scheme will be running until 31st March 2022

Read this document for more information.

The scheme works on a referral system and either the Foodbank can refer a household when a client comes into our centres or the client can self refer using the link below:

Bromley Household Support Fund application form | London Borough of Bromley

The form requires evidence, for example if you have ticked that you need the grant for the gas bill, you will need to provide evidence of your gas bill amount. Therefore self-referral is probably best, as it can be completed at home where you have all the info needed.

There can only be one grant per household for the duration of the scheme.

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