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Tesco Collections

13th June 2019

Thank you so much for your help and support previously.

Lots of you I met during our November/December Tesco collection but for those of you that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting I have taken over the reigns from Jackie Barter as Project Manager for Bromley Borough Foodbank.

We have been lucky enough to secure a day at both of our Tesco stores for a summer collection. This is really important as stock is being distributed a lot faster than it is currently being donated as well as needing to provide food as part of our summer holiday scheme focusing on “Pupil Premium” young people.

It has been tough for so many in the first half of this year. Your support has enabled us to feed 358 people this month and 2231 so far this year. Unfortunately, last month donations amounted to 3803kg whereas we saw 5981kg being supplied to those in crisis.

Due to the fact that this event is only for one day rather than three and each location is hosting on a different day it will be easier to co-ordinate than the Christmas collection.

If you would like to volunteer as usual the slots are for two hours between 0900hrs and 1700hrs. The sign up process is the same as usual unless you are a lead. I have reduced the volunteer spaces by one so that I can co-ordinate the lead separately. If you would like to lead please contact me directly rather than completing the online registration.

The Orpington collection will be on 14th June and Bromley on 28th. 

Please follow the link below.

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